Hyundai Ioniq: Normal Charge / How to Disconnect Normal Charger

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Hyundai Ioniq. How to Disconnect Normal Charger

■ Normal Charger

1. When charging is complete, remove the charging plug from the electrical outlet of the normal charging station.

Hyundai Ioniq. How to Disconnect Normal Charger

2. Hold the charging connector handle and pull it while pressing the release button (1).


To prevent charging cable theft, the charging connector cannot be disconnected from the inlet when the doors are locked. Unlock all doors to disconnect the charging connector from the inlet.

However, if the vehicle is in the charging connectorAUTO mode, the charging connector automatically unlocks from the inlet when charging is completed.

For more details, refer to "Charging Connector AUTO/LOCK Mode" in this chapter.

Hyundai Ioniq. How to Disconnect Normal Charger

3. Make sure to completely close the charging door.

    Checking Charging Status


    Unlock Charging Connector in Emergency

    If the charging connector does not disconnect due to battery discharge and failure of the electric wires, open the hood and slightly pull the emergency cable...

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