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Hyundai Ioniq. Wireless Cellular Phone Charging System

There is a wireless cellular phone charger inside the front console.

The system is available when all doors are closed, and when the Engine Start/Stop button is in the ACC/ON/START position.

To charge a cellular phone

The wireless cellular phone charging system charges only the Qi-enabled cellular phones (Hyundai Ioniq. Wireless Cellular Phone Charging System). Read the label on the cellular phone accessory cover or visit your cellular phone manufacturer’s website to check whether your cellular phone supports the Qi technology.

The wireless charging process starts when you put a Qi-enabled cellular phone on the wireless charging unit.

1. Remove other items, including the smart key, from the wireless charging unit. If not, the wireless charging process may be interrupted. Place the cellular phone on the center of charging pad.

2. The indicator light is orange when the cellular phone is charging. The indicator light turns green when phone charging is completed.

3.You can turn ON or OFF the wireless charging function in the user settings mode on the instrument cluster. For further information, refer to the "LCD Display Modes" in this chapter.

If your phone is not charging:

- Slightly change the position of the cellular phone on the charging pad.
- Make sure the indicator light is orange.

The indicator light will blink orange for 10 seconds if there is a malfunction in the wireless charging system. In this case, temporarily stop the charging process, and re-attempt to wirelessly charge your cellular phone again.

The system warns you with a message on the LCD display if the cellular phone is still on the wireless charging unit after the ignition switch is in the OFF position and the front door is opened.


For some manufacturers' cellular phones, the system may not warn you even though the cellular phone is left on the wireless charging unit. This is due to the particular characteristic of the cellular phone and not a malfunction of the wireless charging.


  • The wireless cellular phone charging system may not support certain cellular phones, which are not verified for the Qi specification (Hyundai Ioniq. Wireless Cellular Phone Charging System).
  • When placing your cellular phone on the charging mat, position the phone in the middle of the mat for optimal charging performance. If your cell phone is off to the side, the charging rate may be less and in some cases the cell phone may experience higher heat conduction.
  • In some cases, the wireless charging may stop temporarily when the Smart Key is used, either when starting the vehicle or locking/unlocking the doors, etc.
  • When charging certain cellular phones, the charging indicator may not change to green when the cell phone is fully charged.
  • The wireless charging process may temporarily stop, when temperature abnormally increases inside the wireless cellular phone charging system. The wireless charging process restarts, when temperature falls to a certain level.
  • The wireless charging process may temporarily stop when there is any metallic item, such as a coin, between the wireless cellular phone charging system and a cellular phone.
  • For certain cellular phone with their own protection, the wireless charging speed may decrease and the wireless charging may stop.
  • If the cellular phone has a thick cover, the wireless charging may not be possible.
  • If the cell phone is not completely contacting the charging pad, wireless charging may not operate properly.
  • Some magnetic items like credit cards, phone cards or rail tickets may be damaged if left with the cellular phone during the charging process.
  • If the cellular phone without the wireless charging function or the metallic items are placed on the charging pad, it may cause slight noise. This noise does not affect the cellular phone and the vehicle, because this noise is an operating sound during determining the item on the charging pad.
  • If the ignition switch is in the OFF position, the charging also stops.

    USB Charger

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