Hyundai Ioniq: Body (Interior and Exterior) / Fender

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Service Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Fender


Troubleshooting Symptom Passible Cause Remedy (Refer to page) Water leaks from panorama sunroofDeteriorated roof lid weatherstripReplaceExcessive roof lid-to-body clearance and improperly fitted weatherstripAdjustWind noise around sunroof Loose or deformed deflector, gaps in body workRetighten adjust or replaceNoise created by moving sunroof lidForeign particles lodged in guide railCheck drive cable and guide rails for foreign particlesLoose guide rails and lidRetightenMotor runs but sunroof does not move or moves only partiallyForeign particles lodged in guide railAdjust or replaceIncorrect engagement of motor pinion with drive cableDecrease in motor's clutch slipping forceIncreased sunroof sliding resistance or interference of sunroof with drive cables, weatherstrip, etc...

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Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Owner's Manual: Manual adjustment

The front seat can be adjusted by using the levers located on the outside of the seat cushion. Before driving, adjust the seat to the proper position so that you can easily control the steering wheel, foot pedals and controls on the instrument panel...

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Service Manual: Repair procedures

AdjustmentGlass Adjustment    • Check the glass run channel for damage or deterioration, and replace it if necessary.1.Remove the front door trim.(Refer to Front Door - "Front Door Trim")2.Separate the mounting plug hole (A) from the front door module...


Side view mirror control

Hyundai Ioniq. Side view mirror control

Adjusting the side mirrors:

1. Press either the L (driver's side) or R (passenger's side) button (1) to select the side view mirror you would like to adjust.

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