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Opening the liftgate

Make sure the shift lever is in P (Park).

Hyundai Ioniq. Liftgate

Then do one of the following:

1. Unlock all doors with the Door Unlock button on your smart key. Press the liftgate handle button and open the liftgate.

2. Press and hold the Liftgate Unlock button on the smart key. Press the liftgate handle button and open the liftgate.

3. With the Smart Key in your possession, press the liftgate handle button and open the liftgate.

Closing the liftgate

Hyundai Ioniq. Liftgate

Lower the liftgate lid and press down until it locks.

To be sure the liftgate lid is securely fastened, always check by trying to pull it up again without pressing the liftgate handle button.


In cold and wet climates, door lock and door mechanisms may not work properly due to freezing conditions.


The liftgate swings upward. Make sure no objects or people are near the rear of the vehicle when opening the liftgate.


Make certain that you close the liftgate before driving your vehicle. Possible damage may occur to the liftgate lift cylinders and attached hardware if the liftgate is not closed prior to driving.


Hyundai Ioniq. Liftgate

Do not hold the part (gas lifter) that supports the liftgate. Be aware that the deformation of the part may cause vehicle damage and a risk of safety accident.

Emergency liftgate safety release

Hyundai Ioniq. Liftgate

Your vehicle is equipped with an Emergency Liftgate Safety Release lever located inside the liftgate.When someone is inadvertently locked in the luggage compartment, the liftgate can be opened manually from inside the luggage compartment by performing the following steps :

1. Input the mechanical key into the hole.

2. Push the mechanical key to the right.

3. Push up the liftgate.


  • For emergencies, be fully aware of the location of the emergency liftgate safety release lever in this vehicle and how to open the liftgate if you are accidentally locked in the luggage compartment.
  • No one should be allowed to occupy the luggage compartment of the vehicle at any time. The luggage compartment is a very dangerous location in the event of a crash.
  • Use the release lever for emergencies only. Use extreme caution, especially while the vehicle is in motion.


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