Hyundai Ioniq: LCD Display Messages / Door, Hood, Liftgate, Sunroof Open

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Convenient features of your vehicle / Instrument Cluster / LCD Display Messages / Door, Hood, Liftgate, Sunroof Open

Door, Hood, Liftgate Open

Hyundai Ioniq. Door, Hood, Liftgate, Sunroof Open

This warning is displayed indicating which door, or hood, or liftgate is open.


Before driving the vehicle, you should confirm that the door/ hood/liftgate is fully closed. Also, check there is no door /hood/liftgate open warning light or message displayed on the instrument cluster.

Hyundai Ioniq. Door, Hood, Liftgate, Sunroof Open

If the door/liftgate open warning is blocked with another warning message, an icon will appear on the top of the LCD display.

Sunroof Open

Hyundai Ioniq. Door, Hood, Liftgate, Sunroof Open

This warning is displayed if you turn off the engine when the sunroof is open.

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