Hyundai Ioniq: Safety Precautions for Hybrid System / If an Accident Occurs

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Hybrid System Overview / Safety Precautions for Hybrid System / If an Accident Occurs


  • For your safety, do not touch high voltage cables, connectors and package modules. High voltage components are orange in color.
  • Exposed cables or wires may be visible inside or outside of the vehicle. Never touch the wires or cables, because it can cause an electrical shock, injury or death may occur.
  • Any gas or electrolyte leakage from your vehicle is not only poisonous but also flammable. Upon witnessing one of those, open the windows, and remain a safe distance from the vehicle out of the road. Immediately contact an emergency response team and advise them that a hybrid vehicle is involved.
  • When the vehicle is severely damaged, remain a safe distance of 50 feet (15 meter) or more between your vehicle and other vehicles/flammables.


If a fire occurs :

If a small scale fire occurs, use a fire extinguisher (ABC, BC) that is meant for electrical fires. If it is impossible to extinguish the fire in the early stage, remain a safe distance from the vehicle and immediately call 911. Also, advise them that an electric vehicle is involved.

If the fire spreads to the high voltage battery, large amount of water is needed to put out the fire. Using small amount of water or fire extinguishers not meant for electrical fires could cause serious injury or death from electrical shocks.


When a submersion in water occurs:

When your vehicle is flooded in water, a high-voltage battery may cause shock or fires. Thus, turn the hybrid system OFF, take the key in your possession and escape to a safe place. Never attempt physical contact with your flooded vehicle.

Immediately contact an emergency response team and advise them that a hybrid vehicle is involved.

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