Hyundai Ioniq: Hybrid Motor Cooling System / Radiator. Repair procedures

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Service Manual / Hybrid Motor System / Hybrid Motor Cooling System / Radiator. Repair procedures

Remove the 12 V battery (-) cable.
Remove the undercover.
(Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Engine Room Undercover".)
Drain the coolant from the hybrid cooling system.
(refer to Hybrid Motor Cooling System - "Coolant".)
Remove the engine radiator.
(Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Radiator".)
Remove the front bumper.
(Refer to Body - "Front Bumper".)
Use the recovery / reproduction/charging device to recover the coolant.
(Refer to Heater and Air Conditioner-"Maintenance Procedure".)
Remove the hoses (A) and (B) from the electric radiator.

Be careful not to cause any damage on the hose when tightening the clamp.
Mount the clamp tightening part in the designated direction so that interference does not occur with the adjacent parts.
After mounting the reservoir, check for the leakage in the hose connections while the engine is running.
Remove the coolant line (A) and (B).
Unscrew the condenser fixing bolt (C).

While removing the line, mount the plug or cap to protect the system from humidity and dust.
Replace the O-ring (A) with a new one when mounting the coolant line.

Remove the electric radiator (A).

To install, reverse the removal procedure.

    Radiator. Components and components location

    Component location1. HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit)(LDC+MCU+HCU+Reservoir)2. Hybrid drive motor3. Hybrid starter generator (HSG)4. Electrical radiator5...

    Reservoir. Components and components location


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    Hyundai Ioniq. Seat Belt Warning Light

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