Hyundai Ioniq: Steering System / Motor Driven Power Steering

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Service Manual / Steering System / Motor Driven Power Steering

Repair procedures

Removal1.Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.2.Remove the glove box.(Refer to Body - "Glove Box Upper Cover Assembly")3.Remove the smart key unit...

Description and operation

Description MDPS (Motor Dirven Power Steering) system uses an electric motor to assist the steering force and it is an engine operation independent steering system...

Other information:

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Service Manual: Specifications

Specifications Item Specification Front disc brakeTypeVentilated discDisc O.D.Ø 280 mm (11.02 in)Disc thickness22 mm (0.87 in)Caliper pistonSingleCylinder I.D.Ø 57.2 mm (2.25 in)Rear disc brakeTypeSolid discDisc O...

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Service Manual: DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission). Components and components location

Components (1)1. Dual clutch transmission assembly2. Hybrid motor assembly3. Gear actuator4. Clutch actuator5. Engine clutch actuator6. Reserver7. Dust cover8. Support bracket mounting bolt9. DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) support bracket10. Roll rod support bracket11...


Hybrid Vehicle Interior Overview

Hyundai Ioniq. Hybrid Vehicle Interior Overview

1. Door lock/unlock button
2. Driver position memory system
3. Side view mirror control switch
4. Central door lock switch

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