Hyundai Ioniq: Input shaft speed sensor 1 / Repair procedures

Hyundai Ioniq (AE) 2017-2024 Service Manual / DCT(Dual Clutch Transmission) System / Dual Clutch Transmission Control System / Input shaft speed sensor 1 / Repair procedures

Be sure to read and follow the "General Safety Information and Caution" before doing any work related with the high voltage system. Failure to follow the safety instructions may result in serious electrical injuries.
Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces.
To avoid damage, unplug the wiring connectors carefully while holding the connector portion.
Shut off the High Voltage circuit.
(Refer to General Information - "High Voltage Shutoff Procedure")
Remove the engine room under cover.
(Refer to Engine And Transaxle Assembly - "Engine Room Under Cover")
Loosen the drain plug, and drain the inverter coolant. Remove the reservoir cap to help drain the coolant faster.
(Refer to Hybrid Motor System - "Coolant")
Remove the HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit).
(Refer to Hybrid Control System - "Hybrid Power Control Unit (HPCU)")
Remove the ECM (Engine Control Module) and TCM (Transmssion Control Module).
(Refer to Engine Control/Fuel System - "Engine Control Module (ECM)")
(Refer to Dual Clutch Control System - "DCT Control Module (TCM)")
Remove the HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit) tray.
(Refer to Hybrid Control System - "Hybrid Power Control Unit (HPCU)")
Disconnect the input shaft speed sensor connector (A).

Remove the clutch actuator assembly.
(Refer to Dual Clutch Transmission Control System - "Clutch Actuator")
Remove the input shaft speed sensor (A).
Tightening torque :
9.8 - 11.8 N.m (1.0 - 1.2 kgf.m, 7.2 - 8.7 lb-ft)

Install in the reverse order of removal.
Before installing the input speed sensor,check the assembled state of the O-rings (A) and should apply gear oil to the surface of O- rings.

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    Input shaft speed sensor 2


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